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How to download from Nastroi.net torrent

Attention! torrent files posted on the pages of the website Nastroi.net were taken from trusted sources, which in turn allows You to download files without fear.

1. Once You have chosen your desired material to download, go to the tab "Download" (placed underneath the main description news).

2. Looking for under the picture torrent link and click on it, POPs up a window, save the file on your desktop.

3. On the desktop run the downloaded file.

4. In the open window select the location on your drive where you will load the file.

5. After selecting a location[item instructions 4] click "OK" and wait for 100% download of the file.

Video instructions download from Nastroi.net:

note. Remember, the boot time depends on the speed of your Internet connection and the size of the selected file to download.