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What is more useful: computer games or yard?

20 September 2016
Картинка к What is more useful: computer games or yard?
Sometime in the early 90s, computer games were considered a rarity, and let only the happy owners of gaming consoles or those who pocket money allowed to visit Internet clubs or salons. Most of the time free from studies, the students performed in the yard, where in Sunny weather could communicate, breathe fresh air and to exercise their muscles. And the first game were nowhere near as bright and colorful as it is today.

Many parents, remembering his childhood and miss those times, when the children gathered in the yard, playing outdoors, and the communication was more alive and direct.


Psychologists have compared the advantages and disadvantages of yard computer games and came to the following conclusions.

1. Real game enhance the communicative skills of the child. As a rule, they are held together with different children and in the process of the game and the role they gradually develop social skills, bring people together and contribute to happy memories of childhood. Therefore even the happy owners of computers the first games were domestics in the 90-ies. Different games with balls, football, patch, drawing and writing beautiful stories develop thinking, communication and creativity, taught to Express their thoughts and to strengthen relationships between people. However, they had a significant drawback – the children could have been infected from each other not only good, but also bad tendencies. In this backyard game is more dangerous than computer games.

2. Amateur game form the role children's interests and abilities. In the process of communication and develops the ability to present themselves, thinking in a social environment, a reasonable determination of his abilities. Computer games do not contribute to the realism of thinking, ability it is beautiful to think and to play, as there is no live feedback. That is why children who spend a lot of time in the virtual space, subsequently, can hardly find their place in life. So first game in my childhood must be the courtyard, the collective, at least in the preschool years.

3. yard game there is no aggression and violence. Many scenes from violent games can not form in the child's imagination themselves. Therefore, parents need to monitor the virtual game to hurt them.

to Summarize:

Therefore, yard, and computer games have a right to exist, but it is necessary to treat them reasonably and to control the virtual space of a small child, so he doesn't hurt himself.
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