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World of Tanks torrent download

18 October 2016
Picture World of Tanks
  • Genre:
    Action, Tank, 3D, Online-only
  • Year:
  • Разработчик:
  • Version:
  • Обновлено:
    18-10-2016, 14:25
  • Язык:
  • Активация:
    Не требуется
  • Размер:
    11 GB

Description World of Tanks

Download world of tanks torrent latest version currently available in this news without any restrictions. Is a massive multiplayer online game, is fully dedicated to the armored vehicles the middle of XX century. Players will get a chance shoulder to shoulder to fight the iron giants admirers from all corners of the planet, defending funds against large tank rule. Advanced pumping system and development will allow you to test all of the cars presented in this game. From this article you will learn how to download tanks world of tanks just for a few minutes, and quickly start the battle. Like for you to wear down the enemy on the nimble heavy tanks, to fulfill frenzied breakthroughs on universal medium, incinerate enemies by gigantic strands, or you want to freeze high-class sniper, driving long-range artillery machine every class has the ability to freeze a truly deadly weapon in the hands of true pros.
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Скриншот World of Tanks скачать торрентом Скриншот World of Tanks скачать торрентом Скриншот World of Tanks скачать торрентом

Read more about the game

The main feature of the game WOT this version is that the basis is taken license Steam, do not cut and not recoded, when installing you can choose the type tablets or the licensed version of the game installing additional software.

update Features:
- Added the branch of medium tanks of Czechoslovakia (I–X levels).
- Reworked the new visual quality 26 models of tanks.
- Improved settings 37 tanks.
For random battles and the mode "Fight to the last" added new map "Industrial zone".

features of HD client:
- Do not cut / no recoded;
- The ability to quickly switch to the SD customer.

Installation and configuration World of Tanks

1. To run downloaded EXE. file.
2. To install follow the instructions of the installation wizard.
3. To run a shortcut on the desktop.
4. Register an account to play online.
5. Everything is ready.

System requirements

Operating system: Windows XP /Windows Vista /Windows 7 /Windows 8
CPU: Pentium 4 2.4 GHz
Video card: 512 Mb - 1024 Mb / nVIDIA® GeForce™ / ATI Radeon®
Sound card: Sound device compatible with DirectX® 9.0
Free space on hard disk: 20 GB


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Comments 2
27 July 2016 09:33
Троян, не качайте!!

Троян, не качайте!!
27 July 2016 12:07
это называется невнимательность и неумение пользоваться сайтом - вот инструкция как скачать
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