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Don't Starve Together torrent download

25 October 2016
Picture Don't Starve Together
  • Genre:
    Survival, Adventure
  • Year:
  • Разработчик:
    Klei Entertainment
  • Version:
  • Обновлено:
    Today, 10:32
  • Язык:
    Русский, Английский
  • Активация:
    Не требуется
  • Размер:
    506 MB

Description Don't Starve Together

New version of the game Don't Starve Together beta includes DLC is available you can download it torrent. Crack Don't Starve Together is also present in this news you can download it for free. In the story, You Wilson, a brave scholar gentleman who caught the evil demon and sent a mysterious wild lands. Wilson must rein in this world and its inhabitants, to escape and to return to his home. Open the mysterious unknown world where every step you expect strange creatures, danger and surprises. Gather resources to create objects and things that will help you survive. Play the way you want it, and uncover the secrets of these mysterious lands.
+7 7
Скриншот Don't Starve Together скачать торрентом Скриншот Don't Starve Together скачать торрентом Скриншот Don't Starve Together скачать торрентом

Read more about the game

Game Don't Starve Together over the network turning into reality, because now you will try to survive in the most appalling conditions with their network friends. Agree to play with friends and real people online a lot more fun and easier than to take the storyline alone. Just like in the standard edition, only now you have the opportunity to invite your friend to play a game of survival, investigated the strange and mysterious world, set traps and much more together with real people. When your character gets killed, starts to operate spirit, you remain in the game and can watch other players until, until all die or win.

Installation and configuration Don't Starve Together

1. The first thing do is download the installation files of the game.
2. Once downloaded, go to the folder and run the file "Setup.exe".
3. During installation, specify the location on disk where you want to install.
4. At the end of the extraction process, the desktop will appear a shortcut.
5. To run the game from shortcut.

instructions for inclusion of the Russian language:

1. In the game go to the menu "Mods" in Russian "Fashion"
2. Bring on the mod "Russian Language Pack" and press the (PS mod Toi thing updated, so stay tuned fashion on the forums Adhesives)
3. Click "Apply" in Russian "Accept"
the game start from the folder \bin\dontstarve_steam.exe

System requirements

Operating system: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
CPU: Intel Pentium 4 1.7 GHz
Video card: 256 MB, Radeon HD 5450, DirectX 9.0 c
Free space on hard disk: 1 GB


Новость отредактировал: Twister
Причина: Версия игры обновлена до 194321
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