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How to download torrent (new form)?

Hello Dear friends and visitors of the project

Nastroi.net (Your information area)

. I want to report that in the period from 04.12.2015 we had to start a new form download torrent. The changes affected only the first preliminary step, the process is no different from the previous one. In his defense, say that this method is not permanent and only a temporary measure. We hope for your understanding.

Download uTorrent v3.4.5

Attention! torrent files posted on the pages of the website Nastroi.net were taken from trusted sources, which in turn allows You to download files without fear.

Video tutorial How to download via torrent?:

1. After You have selected your desired download, fall down the page and see the button "Download".

2. Click on red button, then You get to the download page.

3. On the desktop run the downloaded file.

4. Click "Download", then begin the process of selecting a space on your HDD to download the torrent.

5. After selecting a location[item instructions 4] click "OK" and wait for 100% download of the file.

note. Remember, the boot time depends on the speed of your Internet connection and the size of the selected file to download.